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23 June 2020Our Worship Services - something special

Our Worship Services are being produced weekly by our Minister and members of our linked congregations. Our parishes are blessed with some wonderful singers and musicians who can play anything from the harp to the tin whistle. Many different voices and accents can be heared reading over the weeks. There are some wonderful photographs of our beautiful scenery as well as the exteriors and interiors of our buildings throughout the services. The Minister provides some worthwhile and inspiring words too! If you haven't tried one yet, we would recommend them.

21 June 2020Working towards re-opening

The Kirk Session of Ardchattan have been having regular Sunday Zoom meetings to try to ensure that we are doing the best that we can for our congregation and wider community during 'Lockdown'. We feel that good things have happened and are evolving from these meetings

On the 21st June we were delighted to 'meet' with representatives of Coll, Connel and Dunbeg Churches. We dicussed together in groups the problems that our Churches face in order to re-open our buildings for socially distanced visiting and prayer, as is to be legally permitted soon. 

The problems we face are all different, a major one for all being the cleaning proceedures required before and after each open time. We'll now be having more discussion following prayer amongst each of Sessions to hopefully find a way forward to opening soon.

If you will, please pray for us all to find good and harmonius answers to the challenges that face us.

24 May 2020Online prayer from Ascension to Pentecost

Join us each day in the time leading up to Pentecost tp reflect on the love God showed us through Jesus Christ and what it means today.


12 April 2020Sunday Services online and the flowering Cross

During COVID19 closure Sunday services are being recorded and streamed online. All services can be viewed on our YouTube channel

On Easter Saturday evening the cross which had been placed outside St. Modan's alongside our new 'Faith, Hope and Love' banner was covered with daffodils. How wonderful it was for folk walking and driving past to see it there on Easter Morning.         


We thank everyone who helped to make this possible and to maintain the cross during the following week within the current limiting rules and look forward to being able to make another one, together, next year. 


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