Ardchattan Parish News

Church 'Summer' Barbecue..
25 June 2017

It was a shame that the weather was against us on the day of our annual barbeque, especially for the more athletic amongst us who had been looking forward to games on the beach.


However, those who stayed on site after worship on Sunday were treated to a wonderful spread of salads and other savouries along with our burgers and homebaking.

It was still a great time for discussion and to catch up with each other's news ... and the sun did shine on us some of the time, between the heavy showers.

Many thanks to everyone who helped to make the event such a good one.  

Tree harvesting..
04 June 2017

The slopes of Ben Lora have been used for growing trees for their timber over many decades . Swathes have now reached maturity and are being harvested. Since the larch and fir trees have been 'gathered in' from the hill side behind St Modan's, the view has changed.


Now.....                                       and then.

The Forestry Commission's current plan is to leave the cleared areas to regenerate naturally.

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