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Them bones!..
23 March 2014

Sunday school learning how God can use all the different parts of our bodies. Based on Ezekiel 37 God breathing life in to the the dry old bones. Artistic licence requested for the Anatomical correctness of 'them bones'

A new addition to Sunday School! Baby Richard 6weeks old..
23 March 2014

World Day of Prayer - Ford Spence Court..
07 March 2014

A group of our Church folk and friends joined with residents of Ford Spence Court to share with other Christians (in over 170 countries, during 36 hours, across the world) in the World Day of Prayer. This year written by Christian Women in Egypt, the worship was entitled 'Egypt, Streams in the Desert'. The moving service ended with the blessing from Isaiah 58:11 - "May the Lord guide you continually, and satisfy your needs in parched places, May you be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, Whose waters never fail."

our eco tree ..
16 February 2014

On a bright sunny morning after worship and coffee at St. Modan's Church we planted a Victoria Plum tree in the garden. This was part of our work as an eco-congregation (see the 'links' page for futher information).


The tree was provided by Lynda, our co-ordinator, with most of the spade work being done by some of our entusiastic young people. We wish the tree a long and fruitful life.

News from the Guild..
23 January 2014

For the January meeting Helen gave us a real treat by wearing her beautiful Hanbok (traditional Korean costume) when she came to talk to us.

In a most interesting presentation she described a little about her life growing up in South Korea and explained some of the customs, the Church and missionary connections with Britain.


The picture shows origami hanboks made by Helen along with the scarf from her costume. The little paper models are now each in a different home to remind us of Helen's request that we include South Korea and her Church in our prayers.  

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