Ardchattan Parish News

Tree harvesting..
04 June 2017

The slopes of Ben Lora have been used for growing trees for their timber over many decades . Swathes have now reached maturity and are being harvested. Since the larch and fir trees have been 'gathered in' from the hill side behind St Modan's, the view has changed.


Now.....                                       and then.

The Forestry Commission's current plan is to leave the cleared areas to regenerate naturally.

Up-date on the Soup Lunch for East Africa Crisis Appeal..
15 April 2017

We held a soup lunch - delicious soups and home baking - on Sunday, 23rd April, in the Victory Hall, Benderloch, to raise funds for the East Africa Crisis Appeal. Following the event we received this message from Allison, the main organiser.

'Our Soup Lunch raised the sum of £608, a magnificent total. We were left with almost no baking and about 4 portions of soup!

This was a tremendous congregational effort and it really was a case of all hands to the pump to pull it off.'

Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way.

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