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our 'eco plum tree' ..
04 May 2015

The little Victoria plum tree which we planted last spring (see news story of 16.02.14!) flowered beautifully this spring in St. Modan's garden. Hopefully it had enough pollen left to feed this small tortoise shell butterfly, which had emerged from hybernation in the church building.


eco congregation gathering .....
25 April 2015


Morag, Lynda and Aileen attended the 2015 eco congregation Scotland's Annual Gathering in Falkirk on 24th April. The theme was 'Preparing for Paris'. Keynote speakers were Dr. Aileen McLeod minister for Environment, climate change and land reform in the Scottish government and Rev Kathy Galloway, a Minister in the Church of Scotland and head of Christian Aid in Scotland. They all had an inspiring day and look forward to sharing their enthusiasm to become an eco-congregaton with the rest of the congregation...


We also look forward to being part of the baton relay at the beginning of June.

On Easter morning .....
05 April 2015

It was wonderful to be able to welcome so many visitors, friends and family to Ardchattan Kirk on Easter morning.     

As is our tradition - can anyone tell us when it started? - the youngsters participated in egg rolling after worship. The beautiful brown hard boiled eggs supplied were amazingly resilient!


Afterwards some folk returned home to sample the Meaningful Chocolate eggs which had been ordered through the our church - they include the Easter Story and are made of fairtrade chocolate.


Aileen's Australia Trip..
24 March 2015

When Aileen visited  Australia she attended the St. Kilda Baptist Church in Melbourne where she was made very welcome. Their theme for Lent was “Choices”.

Amongst the people she met were Tim & Mary (in the photograph). They will be visiting Iona in May/June and they will spend a night with Andrew & Aileen on their way home.

In March .....
20 March 2015

World Day of Prayer. On March 6th 19 folk of various denominations gathered together in Ford Spence Court to share with Christians around the world in the worship service. This year it had been provided by Christians in the Bahamas. The service, entitled 'Jesus said to them: Do you know what I have done to you?' which focused around the Gospel account of Jesus washing his Disciples' feet, was introduced, led and read by 5 different voices from our Parish. It was followed by a tasty tea and chat. 


Lenten Table Talk Throughout March a dozen folk have met at the Manse on Tuesday evenings for study and discussion. This year they have been looking at the story of Elijah (1 Kings 17-19) and reflecting on how his experiences can help us today.

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